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Tree Condition Assessments

Tree owners have a duty of care to ensure reasonable steps are taken to maintain their trees. We carry out detailed  condition assessments, providing short and long term management advice for individual trees.

Proactive management advice will be provided to ensure trees are maintained in an optimum condition, with health and safety issues addressed and management advice provided to maximise the longevity of your trees.

Our tree condition assessments are broken down into the following inspection categories:


Level 1 – Visual assessment from ground level
A preliminary assessment, no further assessment required unless specific faults are noted.

Level 2 - Visual aerial inspection
Detailed inspection of aerial faults noted on a Level 1 inspection.

Level 3 – Internal decay detection assessment
Use of decay detection equipment to assess extent of decay noted on a Level 1 or 2 inspection.


Occasionally, where specific defects are noted, a Level 2 (aerial) inspection and in certain cases a Level 3 (internal decay detection) inspection may be recommended as a result of the findings of a Level 1 inspection.

Sylvanarb is based in Medway and serves Kent, London, Buckinghamshire, Sussex, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, and Hertfordshire.

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