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Protected Trees

With a broad knowledge of the legislation governing tree protection we offer a range of advice to private tree owners and property developers on issues relating to protected trees.

Tree protection is an important and valuable element to preserving the character and environment of a locality and Local Authorities have a duty to consider the protection of trees that contribute to visual amenity.

However, many of these trees will often require management and as such a detailed work specification will need to be submitted to the Local Authority, either in application to carry out work to a protected tree, or as six weeks notice of intent to carry out works in a Conservation Area.  Sylvanarb will carry out a detailed assessment of your protected tree and submit a detailed work specification for Local Authority approval.

Should an application for works be refused an appeal against the Local Authority decision may be made. Sylvanarb can provide clients with advice and if required submit the appeal on their behalf.

Occasionally a new TPO will be served by a Local Authority and a client may consider that the subject trees do not meet the criteria required for protection.  Sylvanarb will carry out a condition and visual amenity assessment, to determine the suitability of the tree for inclusion in a TPO. If structural or physiological defects are noted, or visual impact is found to be lacking, an objection to the TPO may be submitted to the Local Authority to allow a review of the Order to be carried out prior to confirmation.

  • Applications for works to protected trees
  • Appeals against local authority decisions
  • Objections against new TPOs

From our base in Medway Sylvanarb serves Kent, London, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Sussex.

Contact us today to discuss any concerns relating to Tree Preservation Orders or trees within Conservation Areas.