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About Us

Sylvanarb was established by Curtis Barkel in 2007, providing a range of tree management advice

to both the private and public sectors.

Tree ManagementI started my career in the world of tree management in the early 1990's; initially working as a forestry contractor and later as a tree surgeon, before eventually becoming a Local Authority Tree Officer.  Whilst working for Local Authorities I gained invaluable experience in all aspects of urban tree management.

The combination of a solid practical background, along with broad managerial experience, has equipped me with an in depth understanding of the various problems tree owners encounter.  Allowing me to provide my clients with the best possible advice to overcome their concerns.

I am a Fellow & Registered Consultant of the Arboricultural Association and hold the Royal Forestry Society Professional Diploma in Arboriculture, this being the UK's leading professional arboricultural qualification; I also hold the the Arboricultural Association Technicians Certificate; and a Higher National Diploma in Forestry.

Earlier in my career I spent several months volunteering on a reforestation project in Peru for the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture, Sylvanarb supports the LATA Foundation in their work with community tree planting projects in Peru.